2nd target comes clearly into focus. Thank you John.

Created: Sunday, 25 February 2007 Written by Unregistered Corresp
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What happens when Britain pulls the last of their troops out of Iraq and that leaves only Australia there as supporting nation?
Answer: Instead of the US being a sole terrorist target for invading a sovereign state and occupying that state, all initially with no UN mandate, there will be no confusion as to who is the most supportive of the US actions because the UK and Denmark and others will fall away to reveal Australia as the sole supporter and this will mean a 2nd terrorist target for them to vent their anger at, because the focus of who is most in league with the US will not be blurred anymore by other nations involvement... we will be a clear 2nd target.

This is 100% guaranteed.

NO question at all. When Howard decides to get his tongue out from amerikan arse-holes then perhaps we in Australia can go down the street for a cuppa or some shopping with some certainly of safety, but until then, we will have the nagging doubt of whether a bomb may go off near us by some arab who believes in Jihad.