Kruddy in Singapore

Tuesday, 15 December 2009 By Digger
Aussie PM Rudd had a flying visit to Singapore last month where he announced a new scheme to lure more foreign students to Australia.

In his address to the National University of Singapore audience, Kruddy said he would make millions of more dollars available as ‘scholarships’ for Asia’s best and brightest to study in Australia.

As if we need any more of these free loaders! Don’t we have enough Indian cab drivers and Chinese Massage Parlours??? Christ, all they do when they get here is complain about the Aussie way of life! I’ve had enough of these whingers; if they don’t like Australia then get out of Australia. Pronto!

In a talk replete with the normal babble and smoke we have come to expect from this failed bureaucrat, Kruddy pleaded for more students to come and support Australia’s bastions of leftist bias, our Universities. In a pitying image of abject groveling he asked for students of the region to “please consider Australia”.


What has happened to our country? Why do we need any more of these people? Ever since the latte-sippers and chardonnay slurpers of the Australian Labor Party took over the reins of Government in Australia things have rapidly gone downhill. Interest rates are heading back through the roof, our country’s sovereignty is being sold out to the international Green extremists, and hoards of illegal immigrants are flooding our nation. I am sure the majority of Australians are now yearning for the good old days of PM Howard; when all Australians could stand proud behind their world renowned leader.




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