My encounter

Created: Friday, 09 May 2008 Written by The_Exorcist
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You may say it was just a bad dream,
but can you be totally sure? Can you
preserve your precious bodily fluids?

I was violently jerked awake. Something was
fumbling and rattling at the latch of the huge
oaken door of my chamber.

Dark things wandered the long halls of this gloomy
place, and I strongly wished to avoid a sudden
encounter with the hidden force behind these

My goal was to attempt to shed light on what these
disturbances could be, yet always keeping in mind
that our bodies are ninety percent water.

When these alien invaders are established in our
bodies, they do dreadful things, and often these
parasites strike our bodies simultaneously with
poisons and curses - forcing us to vote for the
drooling zombies that plan to become our masters.

Parasitic alien brain-suckers, supernatural
entities that infest deserted, isolated places.
When humanity sold out to alien forces that are
overtaking the Solar System, our fates were
pathetically sealed.

And now I listen in fear and trembling, as alien
zombies on the outside of my door are trying to
get in to eat my brain!