Created: Sunday, 27 November 2005 Written by Chato
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Oz leads the world in another
scientific breakthrough. By applying the newest neocon
"intelligent design" principles
cooked up by CIS "think tank",
the Homunculus Government
will halt pandemic flu dead in
its tracks.

"By reforming the law to restrict
pandemic flu to the least wealthy
citizens we force the virus into
an economically rational mode."
leered Tony A. Bott, the randy
and deranged Homunculus Govt.
health thing.
"This is just another example of
how the Homunculus regime has
been helping the nation through
more very firm but fair economic
reform plus GST! All based on
rational scientific principles!"
smirked Bott as he left to attend
a ritual crucifixion hosted by
Centrelink, Asio and the Leperal