Wednesday, 09 December 2009 By Is this what we are paying them for?

Those eggheads are damn busy nowadays, what with all their climate-changing-lying-warming-guff. Here’s some more nonsense from them; why using your mobile phone can fuck up YOUR good reputation:


Disrupting the prefrontal cortex diminishes the human ability to build a good reputation

Reputation formation pervades human social life. In fact, many people go to great lengths to acquire a good reputation, even though building a good reputation is costly in many cases. Little is known about the neural underpinnings (neural underpinnings? What gas have these clowns been smelling??) of this important social mechanism, however. In the present study, we show that disruption of the right, but not the left, lateral prefrontal cortex (PFC) with low-frequency repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) (ie using your mobile phone all day) diminishes subjects' ability to build a favorable reputation. This effect occurs even though subjects' ability to behave altruistically in the absence of reputation incentives remains intact, and even though they are still able to recognize both the fairness standards necessary for acquiring and the future benefits of a good reputation (are they Internationally recognised fairness standards???). Thus, subjects with a disrupted right lateral PFC no longer seem to be able to resist the temptation to defect (“I must defect! I must defect!”), even though they know that this has detrimental effects on their future reputation. This suggests an important dissociation between the knowledge about one's own best interests and the ability to act accordingly in social contexts (hmmm...i think this happens when I’ve had a few too many drinks as well). These results link findings on the neural underpinnings of self-control and temptation with the study of human social behavior, and they may help explain why reputation formation remains less prominent in most other species with less developed prefrontal cortices (yeh, who has ever seen a chimp who cares about its reputation – they’ll scratch and sniff their arse in full public view!).


There you have it. World shattering research. How much of your hard earned tax dollars went into that rubbish! No wonder they haven’t cured cancer yet, those poindexters are too busy worrying about their reputation!

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