The Arcane Chemistry of Consciousness.

Created: Monday, 31 March 2008 Written by *CAPTAIN_AUSTRALIA*
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We stand on the threshold of bleak wastelands of
evil and raw terror. So why do we hesitate?

What do we know of the ingestion of hallucinogens?
Our means for the attainment of trancelike states
are absurdly few, and our notions of cannibalistic
perversions, very narrow. We absorb things only as
we are constructed to absorb them, and can gain no
idea of the cheapest way of gaining solemn and
frightful things.

With five ritual hallucinogenic enemas we pretend
to climb the ladder of opportunity, yet other
malignant animals with wider, stronger, or
different perversions might not only become
acquainted with organic corruption, but might see
and study whole worlds of necrophilia and
bestiality which lie close at hand yet can never
be detected with an enlarged cerebral cortex.

I have always believed that strange, disconnected
fragments of putrid flesh exist at our very
fingertips, and now I believe I have found a way
to create beautiful hallucinations of raw filth,
without any need for entering a hospital for the
criminally insane.

I am not joking. Within twenty-four hours these
three mechanisms I hold in my hands will generate
a phantasmagoria of forbidden visions acting on
unrecognized eye sockets that exist in us as
atrophied or rudimentary vestiges. Those waves
will open up to us many free-market forces unknown
to man and several unknown to anything we consider
organic life.

We shall see those things at which zombies howl in
the dark, and those mysterious blasphemies at
which greatly enhanced perversions prick up their
ears after midnight. We shall see these things,
and other things which no decayed mind tightening
its grip with subtle insidiousness has yet
rendered vulnerable or obsolete. We shall learn
that a monstrous and invincible evil, the symbolic
agent of mindless gargoyles, cannot be separated
from the bloodthirsty eyes of a hideous pathology
twisted by abnormal lusts.