Happy May Day, Commies

Wednesday, 02 May 2007 By Ricardovitz
Socialists Salute Laziness And Once Again Give Underproductives The Day Off!
____________________________________________________________ Most people know that "May Day", synonomous with International Workers' Day, is a sloth festivil of the social and economic under achievers, spear headed by the international communist and socialist movements. It is common to see loosely organized street protests, rioting, vandalism, public drunkenness and celebatory drug use by hundreds of thousands of non-working people and their fat-cat Union leaders throughout Europe and most of the oppressed, nanny-state world. As of this article, neither the United States nor Canada participate in this celebration of moochery and laziness, but the liberals are working hard to tame the minority of free citizens into dependant house pets. However it is rumered that Australia is well on its way to becoming the next "May Day" celebrating socialist state.

Therefore, it is the duty of all remaining free citizens to rise up and take fight off the nanny-state, mommy coddling, castrated communizing lemmings that pledge their alegience to the slave states of Eurasia and Latin Un-America. It is our duty to fight their lazy and unproductive glorifying governments and secure a world where each of us is guaranteed the right to eat what we kill, or die of starvation. This is the one true way of Free Citizens; the destiny for all of Humanity.

So, all of you May-Day celebrating Communists, I bid you a happy holiday - the rest of us will be waiting like salivating wolves watching a heard of unguarded sheep.
Political Correspondent and Social Engineer: Ricardovitz

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