My advice to Rupert

Friday, 08 July 2011 By Tex Lumbago

I must admit at the moment I feel for my mate Rupert. What with all this phone hacking nonsense going on again.

As a media magnate, I know what it is like to have your incompetent staff let you down. Just have a look at some of the clowns who write for us!



The warning signs were there Rupert!


There is nothing worse than when your executive staff start getting a bit high and mighty about themselves. Next thing you know they're thinking they are the Voltaire to your King Louis XIV!


The gift of every true Media visionary, and of course I include Rupert and myself in this category, is that we know when to cut our losses.


Time to cut her loose Rupert! Face it; it will be a relief not having both that red haired devil and your Chinese harpy wife at you day and night. Give Brooks the arse and ride out the storm.


Just some advice from one media baron to another.


Tex Lumbago

Emperor in Chief,

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