First There Is The Terror

Created: Friday, 06 April 2007 Written by DOCTOR_BENWAY
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And then comes the screaming. The
awful, terrible screaming, and the
shrieking and gurgling.

And that is just the start! As a scientist,
I never fail to be amazed at how the slow
witted denizens of most "societies" nearly
always fall into the clutches of one of these
awful subhuman creatures who usually resembles
some kind of vicious chicken-murdering dog.

Now, I am not going to be drawn into any
obvious comparisons with PM Howard, or the
pitifully retarded President Bush. No,
I will leave the obvious to you!

As part of the medical elite, I can see that
once all the terrible sounds of snapping bones
are heard no more, I will have to pick-over the
awful carnage and draw up death certificates for
the regime, and help to market the human offal
for whatever coin I can get.

Lemmings cannot hold a candle to the urge toward
mass self-destruction driving the hillbillies who
make up most of the bodies clogging this planet.

I must approach more talented bureaucrats, of
the kind who understand about this situation,
(not the awful subhuman politicians, please note)
and put forth my plan for proper control of the
urges of these poor creatures. We could harness
their wayward energies to benefit pure science!

Then we could have a close look at politicians...