Man taken off Planet

Monday, 01 March 2010 By Staff Reporter

He was here, but now he is gone. The mystery of his disappearance has deepened after investigators found no trace of a struggle at his home.

Everything was still there. Wallet, passport, glasses, even his well thumbed bible. But no signs of him.

Investigators tracking his final movements said he was last seen leaving a bus and trudging towards home. His head bent down, eyes ablaze, and silently mumbling to himself.

But, I repeat, there was no sign of a struggle.

Members of his sportsclub, which he religiously attended each Sunday at 2pm for his weekly game, said they saw no change in his behavior.

"Nothing he said or did struck me as being unusual", said one member. Another stated: "He was a regular Joe, one who knows what come uppance was awaiting him. As it is for the rest of us."


"It is like he has left the planet."


It has been a month since his last sighting but still no credit card transactions, internet forum postings, or Facebook comments have been noted. The weather was cold when he was last seen. He lacked a hat, but his home was near the bus stop.

The wind has been howling these days and at night the owls circle the roof of his home. His house now abandoned, except for a brief cordon of police tape. Maybe, like all of us have done or want to do, he wondered off the edge. Into those places where troubled thoughts can take you; into the abyss that we will all call home.


Investigators said that for the time being they will continue their hunt for him. Staff Reporter-

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