What Happened to the FBI guy?

Thursday, 29 December 2022 By Jack Ruby's Grandson

Well for starters, it is no longer just FBI guys. Girls, gays, and Lord knows what 'gender' can get a badge nowadays. The 'wokerati' have infested J. Edgar's glorious legacy and now the safety of the USA is at stake!



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Some of the original G-Men. They would be 'cancelled' nowadays!

What the Twitter papers have revealed is that all FBI 'guys' want to do nowadays is to hang out with the Silicon Valley elite and censor our thoughts and social media posts.

What the fuck! Shouldn't they be out there shooting drug dealers dead and keeping our Urban areas under control? Remember the good old days? I am sure Dillinger does! Or he did...

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When I think of J Edgar and the old FBI I think of Tommy Guns. I think of dead gangsters. I think of Law&Order. What have we got now? Some Jim Dandy's running around and crying about 'not being offended' or 'where's my safe space?'...

 winston churchill gun

My Grandpappy had a gun. He knew how to put paid to any ideas about trying to ruin this great Nation of ours.

What I wanna know is who is in charge? Is Sleepy Joe really going to let the FBI turn into some namby-pamby lightweight organisation? I'd imagine the Terrorists and Anarchists are rubbing their hands with glee over what the FBI is nowadays.

The FBI used to be our guys, our people. Looking after our interests. Once Biden is out we better hope the new President has himself a big broom to clean out the current infernal FBI closet.

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It is said that a Man with a Broom can do a lot.







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