Come with me on my deathtrip

Saturday, 17 October 2015 By Eugene Debs Lovechild

me on my deathtrip...


Saturday night reminiscing, like a spun out LRB, pulling on your cock like taffy.



Took more than a stick to wake this fucker.

bit player

I have a friend who lives at a place where tiny microscopic spiders can bite you without knowing. Then they infect you with bacteria unbeknownst; novel new species that laugh at our antibiotics. They feast on your flesh in a microscopic orgy of grinding enzymes and cutting acids. He told me, he said, the pain, that fucking pain, it went straight to my head like some Bolivian powder, but a pain of fear and anger and death.


Where these fuckers coming from?

dogs on the roof

The march of capital is irreversible. Or so they say. Marching us straight off the cliff. 


Whatever you do today, you cannot stop a rich man from making money. It is Verboten!


I always said it won't be the climate that kills us but the ghosts from the past that it will unleash. Like the Giant Viruses1 freshly thawed from the Siberian tundra. They will infest your cells like a tiny sand worm, crush your mitochondria, and spit out your DNA in a alphabet soup of misery. As soon as a single person is infected that will be it. Like a tiny RNA alien they will be sucking our lifeblood, meanwhile their progeny will be squeezing out of your chest to infect your nearest and dearest.

new Gay world

But what the hey. Too late now. Could not possibly stop our headlong plunge into oblivion. We might ruin our economy.


Fuck that. I say fucking ruin the economy. That should be the aim of every red blooded human. Before the Goldman Sachs Giant Virus of Siberia really does turn our cerebellum into mush and suck out our tiny minds.


Capital it fails us now. Comrades, let's seize the time.



1. Giant viruses here



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