Australia is the next US proxy

Friday, 18 August 2023 By Major Denmore

The Americans are draining the Russian Federation via their proxy Ukraine just as they broke the Soviet Union by pumping weapons into Afghanistan.

The mistake the Yanks made was moving their troops in after the Russians pulled out.

However they learned their lesson as Rep. Adam Schiff revealed in 2016:

“The United States aids Ukraine and her people so that we can fight Russia over there so we don’t have to fight Russia here.”

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The US Military Industrial Complex (MIC) has continued to improve it's game of convincing the American middle class to fund endless war. One of the things they learnt was that all they needed to do was to convince the US taxpayer that the leader of any country they wished to target is evil. A three word catch phrase repeated over and over again is all that is needed.

As the astute XenoxNews commentator "Bates" posted here recently:

Saddam is Evil.
Gaddaffi is Evil.
Assad is Evil.
Putin is Evil.

By continuing to use Ukraine as a proxy the MIC avoids the unpleasant images of US military personnel coming home in body bags.


But with increasing poverty (a reported one in ten American children going to sleep hungry every night, and angry, messed up, homeless people roaming most American cities) the sending of billions of dollars to maintain a proxy war on the other side of the planet has started to wear thin.

The funding problem is exacerbated by a recent report that indicates that Chinese citizen have twenty five times more savings in the bank on average than their American counterparts.

But the MIC have figured out how to deal with the backlash of American citizens funding endless war, and this is where Australia comes in!

The dim wits Down Under and their compliant lick spittle government appear not only ready to bipartisanly act as a proxy war machine, a NATO of the Pacific if you will, but have also agreed to pay billions for military equipment and to also set up weapon manufacturing plants to assist the US weapon manufacturers!

The proud Australian digger tradition is also sacrosanct so there will be little community objection to Australia spear heading an AUKUS endless war with China.

All Australians should be ready to prepare again for the ultimate sacrifice.

While the American middle class can rest easy in the knowledge that they no longer have to fight "over there". Nor will they have to pay for it.


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