Created: Friday, 24 November 2006 Written by Pastor Pervy
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You nasty Greenies. Stop picking on this group of inoffensive, do-gooder Christians.

I agree the current crop are a bunch of uptight ninnies, but who knows? They might get someone like their old leader Jock McCrabb back in charge.

You see old Jock was fond of a drink or two... ...and after these he would host meetings of the Brethren where he would crack a joke and start quoting from Aleister Crowley's Bible.

He even supported some swingers in their quest to get in on the Brethren.

"The family that plays together stays together!", thundered old Jock from his pulpit.

So you see there is still hope that this group of Liberal voting misfits will get back to their original teachings of wine, women, and song.

Maybe after they kick Andrew Bolt out!