Riffing on the "Mother Earth" Ideal...

Created: Saturday, 27 October 2007 Written by Submit_to_the_horn
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Ahs alwus said that the best thoughts dont come until youse alone with a bottle...

Mother Earth. That haggard bitch; she has got us by the balls. She is certainly not deserving of any respect. Treats us like shit. We should have had eternal life...

But no. That whore, the mother of us all, decided it was she who got that gift. For her blighted children just death. And what a death! We are the suckers that give her eternal life. "Worship me and I will hold you" says the whore we walk upon.

But where does she hold us?

Close in the grave; a grasp unyielding. Our skeletons pressed tight against her filthy bosom. We feed her; our lives sacrificed for her ego. For her power. For her life.

And yet there are still some that say we must respect her. That we are mere mortals in the face of her beauty. That we should prostrate ourselves and worship her. That we must obey all her whims and fancies.

For what?!?!

A miserable painful death?

The day Mother Earth visited the party.

No. Let’s burn this bitch. Plenty of whores in this universe; plenty of "Mother earths" to fondle and tickle. And then burn.

But still the worrywarts and mungbean munchers cry: "Save Mother Earth!"

They tell us that we should eat recycled food and drink recycled sewage. That our lives must be restricted because we might upset the bitch. That we should think "Green". For christ sake they even want us to vote "Green"!

Mother Mary or Mother Earth? Who cares they are both the same; bitches that hate men.

Why? What has Mother Earth done for us? Nothing. The only thing that keeps her alive is our blood, sweat, and toil. Our deaths feed her insatiable appetite. Well I say it is time to let this bitch burn. Let’s suffocate her in our excretions. Unhinge her in our new Greenhouse.

And then? Well we can jump on our rocket and leave this slut to die. Plenty of new pussy in the milky way. It is time to forget about the "delicate balance of nature", the green fantasy. Are we not free men? Do we not have the will to live our own lives? We owe that bitch Earth nothing but our refuse and exhaust fumes as we power our way into the Solar System and onto another Green world.

Like I said; often the best ideas come when your alone with a bottle... dreams of leaving this planet all behind. They are there for the taking. Just remember there won't be room for everyone, so you better hurry to join me on my Rocket 88 out of Planet Shithole and onto the stars.

To the stars.

Horn, Submittted esq