New Witch Trials could strengthen our Democracies

Saturday, 14 February 2015 By Honest Joe Establishment

Disappointment and disaffection with popular governments can be swept away if perpetrators of anti-government propaganda could have their biases displayed in a public trial such as used in old time Salem.



Unfortunately this cunt is the least of our worries...

The trust and faith in modern day Governments and the fundamental rules of society seems to be falling. The blame lies with a cadre of malcontents’ who propagate nonsense via the social media soaked modern world. These people with malevolent intent seem to take delight in shaking the foundations of proper society. Currently it seems that we are helpless to stop them as they feed the hoi polloi’s insatiable appetite for conspiracy theories and misunderstanding of basic economic rules. A new effort to counter their nonsense has to be made.

Witch trials.

The government, international organisations, publicly listed corporations, they all should get together and organise public trials of these demonising figures. These trials should show that the whistle blowing fools and their ilk are liars and frauds, and evidence will be presented to prove it.

Of course that evidence need not be real because he is a witch.

Put them in chains and show them to the world. Belittle them and you belittle their twee theories of ‘the 1%’

Beat back the masses with the pointed stick of “you will be next”...

The coteries of ill content need to get their comeuppance...

What happened to loyalty? What happened to obedience?

I see you Greece... I see you Spain...


If you don't do as your told; who will?


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