The Aussie Digger. Brave fighters or fair dinkum Fascist Fuckwits?

Created: Wednesday, 22 July 2020 Written by XenoxNews War Report

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Aussies. There is not much we can't do. Living, loving, and swimming. We can do it all. And for a long time one of the bestest things an Aussie could do was be a Digger. Our slouch hatted warriors, with a history of fighting the good fight, lit a warm glow in the heart of every dinki di Aussie.

Our Aussie Diggers. Sticking it up the bad guys and living the carefree larrikan life.

In Gallipoli. In Singapore. In Fallujah. sitting osama

Here is someone who felt the wrath of the Aussie Digger!

Yeh, the Australian Military has a special place in every Aussie's heart. But lately there seems to be a bit of a stench rising from our brave boys in khaki...

Now look. Here at we have had a long history of venerating the Aussie Digger. Telling their stories ribald and true. Always we have been steadfast in our praise of their bravery! Why we even broke the story the Aussie SAS were the first ones into Iraq when we liberated that country from terrorism back in 2003.

But it is hard to stand up straight and tall for them when the pride of the Aussie army, the SAS, has been caught shooting civilians, desecrating enemy corpses, and waving the confederate flag around.

Aussie SAS fuckwits

What the hell is going on with these fuckwits? Is it really true that most of these fellas are really of a 'right wing' political persuasion?

Aussie SAS fuckwits 2

Now only after they and their Yank buddies are getting their arses run out of Afghanistan by the Taliban can it be revealed that these SAS arseholes were being especially brave by shooting civilians and flying the nazi flag.

We are shocked to find out that maybe Aussie Diggers aren't the lanky and laconic heroes we were told they are!

Fuck. Does that mean they have been lying about all these wars we have been fighting too?