Created: Thursday, 06 October 2005 Written by A new solution
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You need super spidey sense to detect them. The speed of a locomotive to stop them. And wings like a shield of steel to protect innocents from them.

The terrorists.
I can recall days when we relied on those men born with super powers to protect us. They dealt with those that wanted to harm or injure us.
Caped or clothed in garish garments these wonder men (and women) existed only for our protection. And they were politically neutral.

Can't we create them? Contact them?

They were men of honour and decency.

They stood up for freedom and democracy.

They must be somewhere. In days gone by lights were shone into the sky or mysterious communication devices devised to reach them.

Have they been incarcerated by mistake?

Have the forces of evil trapped them?

Wherever they are, we need them now.