Aussie Materialist Death Force

Friday, 20 April 2007 By *CAPTAIN_AUSTRALIA*
Did non-core John cause this?

There is a vast difference between mere activity
and the vitality of truly living organisms.
(Bill Burroughs noticed this sort of thing.)

Go back a more than a few decades and Australia
was clearly alive. Not just active, but vital.

But a new factor, something that nobody has seen
before, is changing the familiar aspect of this
nation like the slow beginnings of a disease, so
that no one can say just when it began.

Death is absence of life. Wherever life withdraws,
death and rot move in.

Whatever it is that living systems need - energy,
life force, optimism - there is not much of it in
Australia. Your life rots before you can live it.
The deterioration of national institutions and
social cohesion progresses before your very eyes.

When you look at many of the national "leaders"
you can almost see the spider webs festooning
their senile figures.

Australia is a place where the new anti-life force
is breaking through.

Death now hangs over Australia like an invisible
smog. The place exerts a curious magnetism on the
moribund. The dying things gravitate to Australia.
The living things try to leave.

Is it heroin, psychiatric medications, general
idiocy, "free-market" neo-liberal economics, the
progressive attack on the poor and sick, too many
human bodies, ongoing destruction of the fragile
eco-system or is it something else?
I think that it is a combination of all these
factors, plus many unseen sinister movements.

By the time the condition is widely recognized,
Australia will be dead.

What life won't mend, death will end.
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