Iran. A threat that must be dealt with.

Monday, 15 April 2024 By Patriot

I have told you. Oh, have I told you.

By striking at Israel, the sole beacon of democracy in the Middle East, the Mad Mullahs of Tehran have now declared they are after us all in the Free World.

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The time has long past for us to tolerate their terrorism, and their incitement to violence of the docile Arab masses. Israel has been protected this time, but who knows what will happen if the Mullahs dare to strike again. Iran and the Mad Mullahs need to be taught a lesson now that they will never forget. One that will destroy their offensive capabilities, and any possibility of them getting their hands on nuclear weapons.

Imagine, if instead of where we are today we had listened to the warnings of the intellectual giants in the President George W. Bush's administration...

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Tehran would have been liberated like Baghdad, and the Middle East in a new era of Co-Prosperity. But because of the whining of lefties like Chomsky and Max Gross, the people of Iran missed out on the freedom that was granted to the people of Iraq by that trio of brave leaders, Bush, Blair, and Howard.

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There is no problem US bombs can't fix.

Let this be a warning to those who refuse to stand up to the threatening Chinese dragon. For it is better to deal with the pain now than later. And one way we can make the Chinese kow-tow is strike their ally Iran into submission.

With extreme prejudice.


God bless,



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