Heroes. Long gone.

Thursday, 28 December 2023 By 20th Century Man

The problem with this Century is that we have no Heroes.

trump man 20230826 1176568105

Look around people. Look at the dickheads we have now. There are no Heroes.

They have long gone!

argie dickhead 20231215 1209386939


Last Century we had so many. Heroes falling from the sky. Dancing Heroes.

Heroes looking for, and ready for, love.

20220915 185651 20220922 1192842705

Heroes willing to make deals for all our freedoms.

fuck em 64 20140424 1474792253

Heroes that you could drink from a can.

1000008318 20230714 1336729773

Yes. Ye Olde 20th Century had Heroes by the bucketful.

I know, cause I was there.

ronnie wheres the money 20231228 1932305313

 "Ronnie! Where you hide all the money?"


So now I will get on my Triumph and leave you all behind...

 shampoo drive 20231229 1502159847

Back to the Good Old Days for me.


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