TALKING TONY… Time to Abort Abbott…

Thursday, 27 February 2014 By Tom Titmouse

Australia, you never fail to disappoint me. Just when I think you can’t go any lower, you do.


Case in point. Have a look at that fuckwit you elected PM. Tony Abbott.

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 The shifty mug of PM Tony Abbott.


He is out there strutting the world stage. Striking the pose on his multiple press conference stops. Look, there he is throwing Australia’s doors open for business. Him and his gang of stooges terrorising refugees to make sure none of them dare think of stepping on our God given land.

A Rhodes Scholar that can’t even enunciate a proper sentence. I mean, lil’ Johnny looked like Mr Magoo but at least he could string a few words together into coherent speech. Listening to Abbott is like hearing nails scratched on the blackboard.


Face it. This one is a moron.


And what has our boy Tony done since his landslide win? Harldy any work that's for sure. In fact his main job seems to have been to grab a few loser Australian businessman (I am looking at you Dick 'less' Warburton and Maurice “The Wind drives me Crazy” Newman) and ex-Liberal party hacks and give them cushy roles in advisory committees, which shall report back pre-ordained findings ghost written by the nutjobs in the IPA.


Jesus fucking Christ. What the hell is going on?


And have a look at the cast of fuckwits in his cabinet. Pyne the prissy and whiny Adelaidian old boy… Hockey with the IQ of a pea, surely the dumbest treasurer this side of Jim Cairns... Morrison, an evil born again Christian with his finger on the pulse of the racist aussie…

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 "I have to say what?" Aussie Treasurer Joe Hockey


This lot is stupid and nasty.


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Long ago I described the Aussie middle class; they are the key constituency in Australian politics. For years both the Libs and ALP have targeted their policies at them to win elections. Well, the Abbott Government is what you get when you follow this to its logical conclusion. A Government of the Dumb for the Stupid.


And to think they will have control of the Senate in a few months...

We are screwed.

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